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Student Book Project

The History

The Student Book Project  program has been very successful and increasingly popular since we began offering it over 20 years ago. Working with local schools in Southern California we have been able to give young students a fun opportunity to preserve their treasured papers. Their book will be filled with homework, art work, stories, awards and special projects that will become a family heirloom.

We believe that students enjoy seeing their work collected in a hard bound book. They can choose their own cover color and title.  It is our hope that this service inspires and affirms students, teachers and parents in their commitment to education. We offer this opportunity for a nominal fee.

The Concept

A folder is kept in the classroom for each student to collect their accumulated school work as the year progresses.

School papers should be 8½ x 11 in size or close to this dimension. All sheets must be free of metal – no staples, paper clips, glitter, etc. Papers should not be folded and must not have 3-D artwork glued on – sheets must be able to lay flat.

Each student must choose a color and title for their book. They will also need to create a legible title page that the bindery will follow when identifying their book for stamping.

The teacher needs to submit a legible master list that includes: names of students, book titles and color choices.

Logos are optional. We can stamp your school mascot/emblem on front  cover of each book. The bindery will need a picture – black ink on white paper – of the logo desired and will have a professional die made that can be used year after year. The logo can be about 3in. to 5in. in size.

The bindery needs 4 WEEKS MINIMUM to bind all of the student’s books. We will produce a very durable, cloth bound, hard cover book that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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