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High Quality

Golden Rule Bindery is well known throughout the industry for craftsmanship in restoring old books, leather bindings and family photo albums. Our highly skilled Restoration Specialist is able to preserve these books while re-using as much of the original materials as possible. This work is particularly intricate and sensitive. Because of that, we must review each book in person before supplying an estimate. General pricing may be given over the phone after a quick consultation.


Restoring Family Bibles and Hand Bibles is a specialty of ours. From repairing folded corners to lose bindings we take pride in restoring your bible to its original glory. We try to maintain and reuse all of the original book if possible in repairing the damage or heavy usage. However we can also create new from old with new covers and stamping if you so choose.

Our services are not limited to just bibles, we accept all types of books.

  • Children’s Books
  • Novels/Works of Literature
  • Encyclopedia Collections/Dictionaries
  • Medical/Reference Books
  • Yearbooks/Cookbooks
  • Photo Albums/Scrapbooks/Memory Books
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