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Print Finishing

Die Cutting

Die cutting allows for customization with the media of your choice. Need a custom sized mailer?  Maybe you have a custom carton or folder you want to have made. Or maybe you want something simple like rounded corners and a window knocked out for a presentation cover. Our presses can handle anything from Kiss-cutting a sticker to Die-cutting plastic. We die-cut paper, chipboard, corrugated board, foam core, corruplast, and magnets.

Embossing and Debossing

Embossing is the process of creating a raised relief image or design on paper and other materials. The final effect is raised against the background. Debossing is the process of creating a recessed relief image or design on paper or other materials. The debossed image is sunken into the surface of the material. Both of these techniques give a three-dimensional look to paper and creates a tactile element without adding more paper or material.


Perforation is the process of applying cuts punctured into paper. These cuts allow for the paper to have a tear-off feature. The number of actual punctures per inch is referred to as teeth per inch or TPI. The TPI determines both the ease of tear and appearance of the torn edge. It can be used in the case of raffle tickets or in creating a tear off edge for an invoice.

Mounting and Duplexing

Mounting refers to the process of gluing two materials together. Duplexing refers to the process of making something double-sided. This process can be used to create double-sided sheets or attach printed-paper onto chipboard.


Scoring is the process of creating an impression along a line that is to be folded. This allows for easier folding of the paper and results in minimal to no cracking of the paper. The results are a clean professional fold.

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