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Hard Cover Binding

Casebound Binding

The hard cover binding capabilities at Golden Rule Bindery offer you plenty of design flexibility combined with the ultimate in binding strength. We produce our hard bound books utilizing a combination of PUR adhesive and case binding. Call us for help in planning your Hard Cover book from the very beginning. Let our team of experts ensure your project runs smoothly by providing templates to help avoid common mistakes, in addition, we can also offer assistance or suggestions on available cover or end sheet materials options. Contact us today for an estimate or to start planning your next project.

Traditional Library Style

Books bound in Traditional Library Style may be sewn by an oversew machine which uses nylon thread to hold the pages together. We also utilize perfect binding with PUR adhesives to create a super strong bound in the binding process.  Specialized glue and reinforcement materials are added to the spine area for even greater durability. The hard cover is made using Grade F Buckram cloth material.  The binding method is for long-term preservation of the book in circulation.

Cover Options

Sunbeam Buckram is an aqueous coated book cloth that is ideal for applications which endure a great deal of wear. Buckram is designed for durability and longevity. It is a washable material that is mildew, UV and abrasion resistant and the extremely uniform surface lends itself well to decoration. It is then foil stamped on the cover and spine with it’s title and author.

Along with the buckram, we also offer graphic covers with our hard cover books. Covers are designed, printed, then laminated before they are wrapped in the casebound binding method. Our design department can assist with cover designs if you need help getting that special cover created.

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